5 Tips to make sure smash your interview!

Interviews are if not one of the most stressful scenario’s we endeavour, navigating the right the things to say against what to wear is often greeted with intense levels of stress.
Taking your first steps to smash an interview includes taking note of our Interview Tricks & Tips, which include a range of interview techniques that will ensure the end result is positive.
Be yourself
Interviews are the employers first impression, to which they can establish whether you’d be a good fit. It may be extremely cliche, but being yourself allows the interviewer to see if your values align with theirs.
Bring examples of work
Can you physically show why you’d be an amazing asset to their team? If so, then do it. Going that extra mile can help you secure a 2nd interview, if not a the job. We’d always recommend bring examples of your work, in any format or media possible. Instead of telling people why you’d be amazing, show them.
Research the company
Applying for any job, you should always research the company. Having knowledge of the organisation will not only get you brownie points, it allows you to adapt any of your answers to suit the organisations aims/goals.
Always have questions prepared
At the end of the interview, you will always get the chance to ask a question. I recommend always taking this opportunity to ask something, big or small it’s an amazing chance to cover anything missed in the interview.
At the end, ask questions!
It’s very typical at the end of an interview, you’ll get asked “so do you have any questions for me”. Top tip, have something ready even if it’s the smallest question – This initiative shows your interest within the role, it maybe an amazing chance to get an insight into the brand and employer making you stand out from the crowd.

Whether you take our advice or not, make sure you’re prepared and ready for an array of questions and scenario’s to be thrown at you. Stay calm and show your personality and how you’d be an assets to the company.


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